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Tile Installation

Tile Installation Services


Carpet One Floor & Home - Asheville serving Candler, Arden, and Buncombe County. is here to help you with your next tile project. We can help you select the right tile for your space and even have it installed for you. When you shop with us, you’ll have quality one-on-one time with our professionals so you can truly design the perfect space for your home. Our flooring professionals can help you with your project from start to finish, and give you tips on what to expect during installation.


Important Installation Tips


Tile is a common option for homes because of its durability and style. Before every installation, professional installers will do a moisture test in those areas to determine what type of tile would be right for that space. For example, porcelain tile is denser and more resistant to moisture, and you want to make sure you are installing a water resistant tile in places with high moisture. Our flooring professionals can help you pick a tile that is right for your space, including tiles that are better equipped to handle moisture and humidity.


Best Places for Tile


Tile is the perfect flooring choice for kitchens and bathrooms alike. Since tile is resistant to moisture and heat, they perform exceptionally well in these spaces. It is also an added benefit that they are easy to clean. We also have tile that can be installed as a backsplash, in showers, and outside as a patio or walkway.




Tile flooring in bathrooms is a common option. Tiles are resistant to moisture and humidity, so you never have to worry about water damage. Many tiles come with slip resistant surfaces too. Not only can you use tile on your bathroom floors, but you can also install it in your shower or as a tub enclosure.


It is inevitable that you will drop food or drinks on your kitchen floor, so tile is the perfect option. Tile is very easy to clean; all you have to do it quickly wipe up a mess. You can even use backsplash tile on your kitchen walls as a way to customize your space, or to simply protect your walls from accidental food splatter.



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