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Commercial Flooring

Commercial Carpet


At Carpet One Floor & Home - Asheville, serving Candler, Arden, and Buncombe County, we have been installing commercial flooring for over 45 years. We take on both small and large installations and tackle whatever your project is with confidence. Our primary goal is to provide exceptional service as well as a completed install within the time and budget allotted.


Our commercial flooring guide has more information about the options as far as flooring type. 



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About Commercial Carpeting 


Commercial carpeting comes in a range of carpet fibers and styles. Most commercial carpet applications need a functioning carpet, which must stand up to high traffic and hide stains well. All commercial carpets today have stain resistance and can be used in commercial environments.


Wear and tear on commercial carpets are heightened due to the number of people involved and accidents. Because there is usually more foot traffic in commercial spaces, the areas must have forgiving carpets. Carpets that are dark in color and high in pattern mask stains and wear well, which makes them look new and longer. A light-colored carpet with little to no pattern will not compare to a dark, patterned carpet in terms of longevity in commercial settings. If you want to impress guests and customers without having extremely high maintenance, choose something that will function well while still being stylish.


It is important to remember that while commercial carpet differs in resistance to stains and traffic from residential carpet, it must be cleaned quickly when accidents occur and vacuumed to remove dust. No carpet is perfect, but you can get the ideal carpet by selecting something practical and cleaning often. We carry various commercial carpet options for your office, restaurant, or hotel lobby. 


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