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Carpet Padding

Carpet Padding


When installing new carpeting, it is more than just selecting the right carpet for your home. You also need to invest in a quality carpet cushion, also known as a carpet pad. This is a very important part of the carpet installation process as it not only extends the life of the carpet but makes it more comfortable, prevents damage to the flooring underneath and it can boost the overall property value. You just need to understand more on carpet cushions before you move into answering how to install carpet. 


What are Carpet Pads?


The carpet provides a host of desirable benefits. First, it adds some additional comfort to in the way of padding. It also reduces the level of stress placed on the backing of the carpet. This way, fibers are not ripped out or torn as easily. Generally, every carpet comes with manufacturer recommendations as to the specifications of a carpet pad, although you can always go with something with more give, if you like a softer carpet with a bit more give. 


Carpet Underlayment


There are a host of carpet cushion varieties. There is a Scotchgard pad, which is a thicker foam (usually about half an inch or so) that comes with a built in moisture barrier and anti-microbial protection coating. This prevents the development of mold and bacteria. There are some major brands that do produce carpet cushions. Nike, the sporting goods designer, has teamed up with a handful of manufacturers to produce some eco-friendly options, made up of the soles of shoes. Memory foam is another material available for carpet pads. This can give ample give, which is a plus, especially if you have sore ankle and knee joints. If you do suffer from join problems in the lower part of your body, selecting the right pad can really help, co keep this in mind when selecting a pad. 


Foam Carpet Padding


Beyond preventing the development of moisture and bacteria, different pads offer different weights of support. Some are a bit more stiff while others are soften. This is more of a personal preference than anything else. 

With a carpet pad, you boost your comfort level with any carpet while also extending the life of the carpet above and the floor below. So before you progress into how to install carpet in your home, make sure you understand the true benefits of a carpet cushion as well.



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