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Tile flooring room scenes

Backsplash Tile

Backsplash Tile

Are you someone who leans towards instant gratification? While it’s not quite “instant,” a tile backsplash is definitely one of the quicker ways to beautify your walls. A wonderful alternative to paint and wallpaper that’s currently atop the trending list, there’s a lot of perks to having a tile backsplash. At Carpet One Floor & Home - Asheville serving Candler, Arden, and Buncombe County. we carry many of your most trusted tile brands, including Daltile, Happy Floors, Emser, and Bel Terra. Let our talented team of tile experts guide you through the process of creating a backsplash you’ll love looking at. 

Create a Custom Backsplash

Are you a trendsetter or more of a traditionalist? Do you prefer bright, happy colors, or are you more of a “beige” person? Whatever styles suit you best, we can help you create a backsplash that truly allows your true colors to shine through. In fact, most any tile that’s made for flooring can also be installed on a wall. That means you can even mix and match your backsplash, creating a fun and functional composition using ceramic, porcelain, metal, and/or mosaic glass.

Durable Protection

Tile has a longstanding tradition of protecting floors and walls from the elements- both interior and exterior. A tile backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom is an excellent weapon against your daily assault of soap splatters, kitchen spills, and water waves. Simply wipe away debris as it occurs, and your tile backsplash will be no worst for the wear, with no permanent staining.

Easy to Maintain 

No matter where you decide to tile, a backsplash is designed for quick, simple care and ongoing resilience. Even in an unlikely instance of a single tile becoming cracked or damaged, it’s relatively easy to replace- not to mention, cost-effective, too.

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