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There is no need to give up on having a carpet in your home, especially with a brand like Tigressa available. Having a carpet in your home may have been a hassle in the past. Stains, wear, and rips can really lower your confidence in having a soft carpet. Yet, Tigressa is considered to be the “Softest carpet ever” and is tough as a tiger. 

Having a soft carpet with the sustainability of a hard surface floor may seem impossible. However, Tigressa has created carpet collections like Cherish and H20 that have challenged the status quo for traditional carpets.

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  • Style: Tigressa's rich colors and exotic patterns make it a standout among other carpet brands. This isn’t saying that Tigressa only offers colors of nature, but the collections are inspired by nature. You will find these carpets create a natural look to a room that will tie your home decor together. Click here to see your Tigressa carpet options: Tigressa 

  • Strength: Strength varies for each collection. Yet, no one collection is weaker than the next, and instead stronger. The tightly woven carpet fibers allow it to stand up to the wears of everyday life years down the road. Not only will your Tigressa carpet maintain its color, but its softness and strength.  Additionally, the nylon fibers create more filaments per square inch. These filaments are half the size of human hair, which provides the soft texture.  

  • Softness: As much as we can tell you how soft Tigressa carpets are, there is nothing like feeling one yourself.

Tigressa carpets are among the most beautiful carpets available. With its advancement in color technology, you won’t have to worry about your carpet fading. 

To learn more about Tigressa, and the available collections, contact Carpet One Floor & Home in Asheville, NC.