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Carpets and rugs are known for being soft, cozy, and a safe alternative to hard surface floors. However, many homeowner turn their head to soft surface floors due to the perception that they are difficult to maintain and don’t last as long as a hard surface floor. At Carpet One Floor & Home in Asheville, NC, we want to challenge that perception by showing you all soft surface floors have to offer. Brands like LEES, Massland, and Tigressa are challenging the status quo with their thick fiber constructions and water resistant structures to produce longer lasting and easy to maintain carpets and rugs. With soft surface floors using other materials, like wool, you will find your carpet or rug is softer than ever, and won't stain like the carpet in your basement that hasn't been upgraded in 40 years. 

If you love your soft surface floor but fear it will just be a hassle to continuously maintain, our Carpet One Floor & Home team challenges you to learn more about the advanced technologies in carpet and rugs. To learn more contact Carpet One Floor & Home in Asheville, NC or read the informative articles below:

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