Rustic River Hardwood

Seasoned and weather hardwood looks

What is the Most Durable Wood Floor? 

Rustic River Hardwood allows you to have the personality of seasoned and weathered hardwood in your home. What makes Rustic River a standout is its beautiful textures, traditional colors, and intricate styles.

“Each lovingly crafted plank speaks in its own individual-voice to craftsmanship, quality, and integrity, from the heart of the hardwood.”

Rustic River Hardwood is hand-scraped by professional craftsman and the styles are made in the USA. The richness and warmth of the hardwood is enough to make you want to upgrade all the floors in your home. However, as an added incentive, Rustic River Hardwood offers a Gold or Platinum warranty which protects up to 30 years on finish, wear, defects, and the structure.

What Kind of Wood is Best for Hardwood Floors?

Whether you are looking for a specific structure or species of wood, Rustic River offers an array of options. You are able to choose from engineered and solid hardwood styles as well as between, Oak, Maple, Hickory, Ash, and Walnut species. 

What is the Best Type of Flooring?

If you are looking for a specific style or look, Rustic River Hardwood provides the Total Character Rating, which allows you to easily compare the styles in each collection. The total character rating is based on the scrape level and shade variation. The shade variation is based on the color impression, or variation from plank to plank. The scrape level is the amount and depth of texture. 

Best Hardwood Flooring Brand

Overall, the total character rating makes it easier to find your floor based on your style. Whether you are interested in a more traditional floor with more color consistency or a floor that is completely unique, Rustic River Hardwood offers it all and everything in between.

 Top Hardwood Features

  • Evaluation: Rustic River Flooring is of the highest quality, and evaluates all of its collections in order for you to compare the features easier. 

  • Character Rating: The character rating for Rustic River Floors are evaluated from 1-10 and compares the shade variation and scrape level to the gauge. Additionally, the overall style is scored as well. 

  • Shade Evaluation: The shade evaluation describes the variety of color impressions from one plank to another, or within a single plank. 

  • Scrape Level: Similar to character rating, scrape level is also evaluated from 1-10. The scrape level is the amount of depth of texture is each style. If a rating is high, that means that the impression is deep. 

  • Warranty: For homeowners that aren’t experts on scrape levels and color impressions, our Carpet One Flooring team will be there to guide you through the process. We make sure to think about every little detail when it comes to your new floor, because your flooring investment should be the best investment. Therefore, not only are you backed by the Carpet One Beautiful Guarantee, but all Rustic River HS Bold Products are protected by the Gold or Platinum warranty. This means you have up to 30 years of protection on finish, wear, manufacturing defects, and structural integrity.  

  • Types: Rustic River Floors are Hand Scraped and assembled in the USA. Not to mention, offers both engineered and solid style collections for oak, maple, hickory, ash, and walnut assortments.  

To learn more about the Rustic River craftsmanship and integrity, contact Carpet One Floor & Home in Asheville, NC today.