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Pet Friendly Flooring Asheville, NC

The addition of a furry companion can make any family feel complete. Unfortunately, pets can wreak havoc on the wrong kind of flooring. From occasional accidents to constant shedding of hair, the family pet should be a real and important consideration when purchasing or upgrading the flooring options in your home.

Carpet is built for comfort. It is soft and springy with a spongy pad underneath. Sleeping, rolling around and being generally adorable is something pets seem to love. But all that activity is bound to force pet hair deep into your carpet fibers. Regular vacuuming and annual professional cleanings are highly recommended, as pet hair, dirt and dander can all damage the integrity of your carpet fibers, taking years off its life.

Cats in particular love carpet as a place to sharpen their claws, potentially damaging it beyond repair. Pet accidents on carpet can be notoriously difficult to clean. If your fuzzy friend is not very well house trained, consider other flooring options.

Vinyl tile
Vinyl tile, though it lacks the softness and comfort of carpet, offers a much more durable and easy-to-clean option. Vinyl tiles are incredibly easy to install, cost effective and very easy to clean. They last longer than carpet, though not as long as hardwoods or harder tiles. However, they are far more cost effective than wood, stone, clay or ceramic.

With its rich and beautiful range of finishes, hardwood can look exquisite. However, large dogs can seriously dig into wood with their claws, permanently damaging it. If you decide to use hardwood, make sure to use a protective coating to defend against claw marks. Besides the possibility of scratches and higher cost, hardwood offers similar benefits to vinyl tile.

Hard tiles
For brevity' sake, we are including stone tiles, clay and ceramic under this category. There is no safer option than these tiles to protect against pet claws, accidents, tracked in dirt, dander and other allergens and anything else your pets can throw down. However, this comes at an additional price. Hard tiles can be quite expensive and may require some expertise to install.