Vinyl Flooring Benefits


4 Reasons to Love Vinyl

Vinyl is a unique flooring option that has a number of special benefits, and we’re sharing four of our top benefits here:

1. It keeps moisture out

Vinyl is super easy to clean, and that is a big reason why many of our customers go for vinyl over other choices. Vinyl is seamless, leaving no cracks or room for unwanted moisture to seep through. Dirt and dust also cannot slip through. Vinyl is an ideal option for high-moisture areas.

2. It stands the test of time

Vinyl is made up of layers which help make it more durable. The top layer of vinyl is called the wear layer and it will stand up to gouges and dents well. Vinyl products can have wear layers with different thicknesses, and the thicknesses determine how well your floor will stand up to wear. Thicker is better!

3. It resists unwanted stains

Stains won’t stay permanent on vinyl. Vinyl’s durable wear layer is made up of clean resin, urethane or enhanced urethane that help keep it clean. The level of stain-resistance success will depend on the type of protector used in the specific product. Out of the three options, enhanced urethane is the most durable.

4. It’s comfortable above all else

Vinyl’s texture is very inviting and pleasant to walk over. If you spend a lot of time on your feet in your home, vinyl will help cushion your feet. Rooms like kitchens, laundry rooms or bathrooms are great for unique vinyl plank flooring that is designed to look like hardwood or tile, but keeps all the properties of vinyl. There is also non-cushioned vinyl which is more traditional but better suited for areas with lower traffic.

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