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At Carpet One Floor & Home in Asheville, NC, we love carpet flooring. Since there are so many different factors to carpet, we decided to take the clearest path and just spell it out for you…literally!

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  • Cushioned: Carpet offers a plush surface, which not only provides a pleasant feel underfoot, it also acts as a sound reducer by absorbing noise when you walk on it. Carpet is smooth but it is not slippery. Carpet’s non-slip surface ensures a safe place to play and walk. It also prevents accidents, providing a cushioned surface if you fall.

  • Affordable: Carpet is one of the more budget-friendly flooring options, since carpet can be made easily and mechanically. There are synthetic fibers and natural fibers, which are economical in both installation and finished product. And don’t worry, affordability doesn’t translate into lack of options. At Carpet One Asheville, we carry the best carpet products in many colors, textures and styles to suit every taste and room.

  • Reliable: Carpet is constructed to be long-lasting. Because of this, there is less need to replace your floors overtime. If you’re looking for a healthy floor that will not leave allergens and dust in the air, properly maintained carpet is your match. Carpet traps unwanted particles and keeps them from reentering the air. Add a hypoallergenic carpet cushion underneath for extra protection.

  • Premier: New advancements in flooring technology have made for some amazing carpets with benefits like stain resistance and moisture resistance. You can also choose carpets with varied thickness or pile heights based on your preferences. Come in to try out our SelectAFloor finder, which helps you choose the best carpet for your lifestyle.

  • Easy:If you’re wondering how to clean carpet, we’re here to tell you it is not a hassle. Most types of carpet come pre-treated with soil and stain resistant treatments, which help your floors to look newer for longer! Carpet is also an energy efficient choice. Just by being there, carpet can warm a space and act as an insulator during the colder months. In turn, this can reduce energy costs for you.

  • Tasteful:Yes, carpet is affordable, but that doesn’t mean lack of options! We carry many types, brands and styles of carpet to fit every room. You can choose from patterns, solids, lights, darks, or a mix if you go with carpet tile! Additionally, the way carpet is installed hides damages or uneven subflooring that may have been previously visible.

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