Flooring Installation in Asheville, NC

Carpet-One-Floor-&-Home-Asheville-NC-Flooring-InstallationThe Healthier Living Installation

Carpet is a colorful, versatile and comforting choice for flooring. When buying carpet, however, there is more to consider than just the design or fiber type. A very important aspect that is actually often overlooked is carpet installation, because many people assume that the process is the same everywhere. At Carpet One Floor & Home in Asheville, NC, we have a unique and special flooring installation method that differentiates us from other flooring stores and enhances your home more than a regular install process will. Our method of installation is called the Healthier Living Installation and is beneficial in a few key ways. We are so confident in the effects of our HLI process that we offer it on EVERY carpet installation we do.

So what are the benefits of HLI anyway?

There are three major features of HLI, and they go in order:

Step 1: Our installers vacuum your subfloor with a strong HEPA vacuum that removes 99% of dust and other unwanted particles that some other vacuums often leave behind.

Step 2: Our installers use an antimicrobial treatment called HealthinEx. This treatment inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Take consideration if you have allergy-prone family members, since this hypoallergenic treatment eliminates the particles that cause allergy flares and sensitivity.

Step 3: Our installers start with a base of hypoallergenic cushion which adds another element of protection against unwanted bacteria growth or odors. This cushion is also a great help in blocking spills which will keep your carpet more fresh and cleaner in the future!

Interested in the features of HLI or looking to learn more? Give us a call or come visit us in our showroom.