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Carpeting Trends

Carpeting is one of the toughest home design decisions you'll ever have to make. Buy the wrong kind and your home can end up looking rather gauche. That's why it's best to buy neutral colored carpet flooring. This timeless trend can help give your home the kind of beautiful style that all homeowners long to create.

Carpet Color Trends

Neutral colors are those that are easy on the eye and which lack excessive brightness and contrast. Typical neutral colors include light brown, gray, beige, and even light blonde. These colors, while attractive, aren't as striking as colors such as red and bright green and, as a result, are easier on the eye.

Why Choose Neutral Colors?

There are a variety of reasons you should install neutral colored carpeting. As previously mentioned, it's easier on the eye and less gauche. It also creates a more general style that makes it easier to blend with the pre-existing color designs in your home.

And here's a neat trick about neutral colored carpeting that few people know: it actually hides dirt more effectively than more expressive carpeting. While this obviously doesn't give you free reign to allow it to get excessively dirty, it's nice for people who have pets and children who may track a lot of dirt and dust throughout the home.

Neutral colored carpeting also makes your home easier to sell. While expressive and intriguing colors may appeal to your personalized taste, it can drive away potential buyers who can't handle it.

Wall to Wall Carpet Trends

Neutral colored flooring fits in more easily with your furniture, including tables, chairs, couches, and even your walls. While extreme colors (like bright red) might be able to blend well with certain types of wood furniture, they will generally stand out and look too silly.

Try to find a neutral color that matches the general hue of your furniture, but which offers a little contrast. For example, if your furniture is rather dark brown, you could install light brown carpeting. In this way, you create a pleasing look that anyone can enjoy.

As you can see, buying neutral colored carpet is a great investment for just about any home. Finding the best colored carpeting for your home requires taking a good look at the items in the rooms and carefully choosing matching colors. With neutral colored carpet flooring, this will be much easier to handle, saving you a lot of time and energy.

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