What to know Before Buying Carpet or Hardwood

Hardwood FlooringPurchasing a new floor can be stressful for any home owner. Do you want carpet or hardwood? Will Hardwood look better? Which is easier to clean? What color goes best with the furniture? There are many questions one must ask themselves before installation, which can be time consuming. If you aren’t an expert on flooring, these tips should better help you decide on the right flooring for your home. 

Before beginning the journey to our store, be sure to ask yourself these questions:

• Is my current flooring fitting my lifestyle? 
• Are my cleaning habits better suited for Hardwood or Carpet?
• Am I looking for comfort or style?
• What kind of a look am I going for?

Another thing to think about is allergies. Allergies can be a big factor when deciding on flooring. To learn more about our allergy-friendly flooring click here: Allergy Friendly Flooring
At our Carpet One Flooring & Home store located in Asheville, NC we can help you answer these questions, and will look through our wide variety of carpet and hardwood flooring options that will fit your needs best. We always recommend taking home samples and viewing each under natural lighting as well as under your homes lighting fixtures. You may realize one flooring option wasn’t what you thought it would look like in one of your rooms. Doing small things such as this will help narrow down your options and will prevent you from hating your new flooring after installation.


Why Carpet

Carpet is perfect for any family looking to cozy up at home after a long day. It’s great for families with young children, and is easy to clean. Not to mention, there is a wide variety of carpet colors that come with our Beautiful Guarantee. Although carpets are more prone to staining and fading than hardwood, there are prevention steps listed here: Carpet Fading

Why Hardwood

Hardwood has become the go-to for many homes looking to create a modern or rustic feel. Hardwood is easier to maintain and won’t fade like carpets, but can be vulnerable to scratching. There is also some skepticism about hardwood because of pricing. However, because we are part of a COOP at Carpet One we are able to get all our flooring at the lowest rate. Another option to consider would be Vinyl and Laminate flooring. Vinyl and Laminate can be easily mistaken as real hardwood flooring; yet, it is cheaper in price. 
Deciding between carpet and hardwood flooring is never easy, but always keep in mind your lifestyle when choosing. Nonetheless, at Carpet One Floor & Home in Asheville we will help you every step of the way to decide which flooring option suits your needs best. 

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