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Bedroom Flooring Ideas Asheville, NC

Bedroom flooring is certainly something that is very particular to homeowners. Some love the clean feel of hardwood while others prefer the softer feel of carpets. There are however more options for bedroom flooring than ever before that can be both safe and lovely and bold and daring.

The first flooring options that you may not initially think of for a bedroom are tile and laminate. Tile is often used in rooms like bathrooms and kitchens but there are so many beautiful tile options that can truly make a bedroom feel like an Italian villa even if you are in the United States. Travertine, clay, and porcelain are just a few tile options. Laminate can be made to look like just about anything from tile to hardwood so it is a far less expensive option for those that like the look of more expensive flooring but maybe not the price.

Hardwood is a very classic option that is timeless. You can opt for darker shades to help make a calm and serene space or lighter shades to open up rooms that may not be as big as you would like. Hardwoods are easy to clean, easy to maintain, and are great for those homeowners that may not have any specific style that they prefer. Hardwood works with a wide range of styling options making it perfect for those that like to change their bedroom décor often as well.

Carpet is a bit more permanent in terms of not being able to switch up styling if you choose a bold color. If you choose softer tones however carpet can work with just about any extras that you could ever imagine. Carpet is great for making a colder space seem warmer, for creating an inviting atmosphere and for really making the most of the space that you have.

You may also want something a bit more adventurous like stone which can be concrete, marble, or other stones that can give a room a very eclectic feel. No matter what you choose make sure you learn how to properly care for your flooring so you can make it last for years to come.