Rustic River

Carpet-One-Floor-&-Home-Asheville-NC-Rustic-RiverRustic River: Tradition with a Twist

You’ve viewed and reviewed details, shopped around and decided that of all the flooring options, hardwood is the floor for you. Now all of the other questions need to be answered, such as the type of species you’d like, or the color, texture and style that best suits your taste.  Then the question of brands come into play, and just like with most household items, you’re drawn to certain brands over others. That’s why we at Carpet One in Asheville, NC are breaking things down by brand to give you a better idea of our favorite products! One of our most popular hardwood brands is called Rustic River. The Rustic River collection is comprised of rich and warm wood planks with rustic finishes. This collection is all about pairing weathered and bold textures with traditional colors for a uniquely distressed finish.

Rustic River’s standout planks can be recognized by these three qualifiers:

- Distinct marks on aged and hand-scraped planks

- Pillowed and blackened edges for a lived-in finish

- One-of-a-kind, individual planks

Our Rustic River products also have the best warranty in the business, our Beautiful Guarantee. The Beautiful guarantee includes a clause that if you don’t love your floors, we will replace them for FREE. How can you go wrong? Click here to get a glimpse of our Rustic River collection, or call us today to learn more!
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